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Cactus warmth dog onesies

Item No.: OPJ1005
Made with nylon and polyester fleece inside.
Soft, stretchy and warmth.
Ribbed sleeves and hem for a comfort fit.
Customized patterns.
Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle, line dry.
Pattern: Cactus

MOQ: 50pcs

Payment Terms: T/T, West Union, Paypal

Port: Shanghai, Ningbo, Yiwu

Kinds of materials: 
Nylon and polyester fleeces layer inside

Different patterns:
Can be customized in different of your patterns.

Size chart for dog onesies:
                 Length        Neck           Chest       
XS 8" 7"-9" 10"-13"
S 10.5" 9"-12" 13"-16"
M 12" 12"-15" 16"-19"
L 15" 15"-18" 19"-21"
XL 18" 18"-21" 21"-26"

Made of 100% soft polyester fleece to provide a comfy layer of warmth for those chilly days and nights.
Comfortable design is easy to put on and features sleeves with ribbing, plus elastic at the belly and back legs. They’re the go-to Onesies for cats and dogs alike.
These dog onesies help limit excess shed hair and pet dander to help keep it off your furniture and bedding.
They come in different sizes and stretchy so you can find the perfect fit for your fur babies, even to Great Dane.

Personalize patterns or logos by printing on the high density of nylon fabric, they will be very clear and excelent color fastness. 
Brand label, washing label and hang tag can be added, packing as your requirements.