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Dog Clothes Factory

Keep your best friend looking fashionable with the latest dog clothes, puppy pajamas, onesies and other pet apparel. Find seasonal sweaters, swimsuits and outerwear, as well as your favorite sports jerseys for football, basketball, baseball and hockey. From dog dresses and jumpers, to hoodies and bows for your pup, Oodpet has a wide selection of dog clothes.

Browse through Oodpet’s selection of comfortable and stylish dog clothes. Our dog apparel is designed to be comfortable, functional, and fashionable. 

For the outdoors - To order outdoor accessories for the fall and winter. Outerwear including, sweaters and coats, and team jerseys. For spring and summer fun, remember to get other essential outdoor dog gear including bandanas, dresses, and t-shirts and tanks.

For parties - Show off your dog’s personality with a wide assortment of dog costumes. Style your pup’s outfit with accessories like bows and necklaces.

For sports - Show that your pup is a part of your family team’s pack with an official MBA, NCAA, NFL, or NHL dog jersey. 

For relaxing - Order plush loungewear including shirts, tank tops, and hoodies. 

For stress and anxiety - Eliminate barking, chewing and anxiety with an anxiety shirt. These covers use pressure to relieve anxiety in pets to provide them a dramatic calming effect.

Order dog clothes at Oodpet now.